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Main Columns:Applied Theory、Material•Compounding、Product•Design、Technology•Equipment、Testing•Analysis、Comprehensive and Special Review More》

Current Issue

Applied Theory

  • zhangliang,lixiaolin, and
  • Effect of Liquid Phase Modification on Surface Active Sites of Silica
  • 2020 Vol. 67(6): 0410-0414[Abstract](38)[HTML()][PDF](40)
  • Zhu Shanliang,Li Tao,Gu Yuchen,Li Chengcheng,Chen Hailong,Wang Dongxu and LI Qingling
  • Thermal Field Distribution and Interface Characteristics of Multilayer Rubber Composite during Microwave Heating
  • 2020 Vol. 67(6): 0415-0422[Abstract](42)[HTML()][PDF](50)
  • Li Yu,WANG Peng,WANG Bing,CHENG Wei and Li Hong-wei
  • Study on Optimization of Acoustic Parameters Based on Viscoelastic Material H-N Model
  • 2020 Vol. 67(6): 0423-0426[Abstract](27)[HTML()][PDF](32)

Material · Compounding

  • YIN Xiaolong,DING Mengru,JIANG Shanshan and MIN Jie
  • Development of Silicone Rubber with High Flexibility and Solvent Resistance
  • 2020 Vol. 67(6): 0427-0433[Abstract](32)[HTML()][PDF](33)
  • Liu jinling,lu ming and hu licheng
  • Effect of Moisture Content of Powder Filler on Properties of Fluororubber
  • 2020 Vol. 67(6): 0434-0438[Abstract](22)[HTML()][PDF](31)
  • ZHANG tiezhu,ZHANG Zhiqiang and zhouzhifeng
  • Effect of NdBR/SBR Blending on Properties of Semi-steel Radial Tire Tread Compound
  • 2020 Vol. 67(6): 0439-0442[Abstract](28)[HTML()][PDF](32)

Product · Design

  • SONG Hongguang,CAO Jiangyong,WANG Fusheng and WANG Shudong
  • Influence of Product Structure on Fire Resistance of Rubber Elastic Components of Rail Vehicles
  • 2020 Vol. 67(6): 0443-0448[Abstract](30)[HTML()][PDF](31)
  • Huang Zhaoge,Li Wei,Meng Xiangkun and Yong Zhanfu
  • Finite Element Analysis of Optimal Design of Non-pneumatic Tire
  • 2020 Vol. 67(6): 0449-0454[Abstract](27)[HTML()][PDF](36)

Technology · Equipment

  • qiuliyan,houming,duanxiaole,luoweijun and huanggangle
  • Application of Vulcanization Simulation Analysis Technology in Curing Process Design of Elastic Wheel Elastomer Part
  • 2020 Vol. 67(6): 0455-0460[Abstract](25)[HTML()][PDF](27)
  • zhangshichao
  • Design of One Type Control System of Mixer Upstream Equipment Based on PLC
  • 2020 Vol. 67(6): 0461-0465[Abstract](25)[HTML()][PDF](26)

Testing · Analysis

  • ZHANG Hongxia,ZHANG Hao,YU Xiaobo,ZHAO Guo,LIU Junxia and ZHANG Xiubin
  • Effect of Solvent Extraction on SEM Imaging of Vulcanizate Sample
  • 2020 Vol. 67(6): 0466-0471[Abstract](27)[HTML()][PDF](34)
  • dingwenli,qishengkai,wangchao and wuaiqin
  • Determination of Rubber Oil Content in Vulcanizate
  • 2020 Vol. 67(6): 0472-0474[Abstract](22)[HTML()][PDF](28)

Gomprehensive and Special Review

  • LIU Tai-kai and LIU Meng-yan
  • Research Progress of Fatigue Life of Engine Rubber Mount
  • 2020 Vol. 67(6): 0475-0479[Abstract](24)[HTML()][PDF](25)


Special Contribution

  • WANG Guolin,CHEN Chen and ZHOU Haichao
  • Study on Influence of Contact Characteristics between Tread and Carcass on Rolling Resistance of Tire
  • 2020 Vol. 67(6): 0403-0409[Abstract](35)[HTML()][PDF](32)