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Main Columns:Applied Theory,Material•Compounding,Product•Design,Technology•Equipment,Testing•Analysis,Comprehensive and Special Review

Online Articles

Applied Theory

  • BAI Qi, SU Youwen, LYU Xiongfei
  • Study on Mechanical Properties and Freeze-thaw Resistance of Modified Rubber Concrete
  • 2023 Vol. 70(2): 0091-0096[Abstract](118)[PDF](76)
  • XU Tiwen, LING Feilong, SHI Bo, YU Benyi
  • Study on Properties of NR/BR Blends Filled with Different Kinds of Carbon Black
  • 2023 Vol. 70(2): 0097-0104[Abstract](117)[PDF](75)

Material · Compounding

  • ZHANG Yuxuan,HAO Dongdong and DING Yonghong
  • Surface Hydrophilic Modification of Silicone Rubber and Its Properties
  • 2023 Vol. 70(2): 0105-0110[Abstract](109)[PDF](89)
  • Lianglin, ZHANG Hanzhu, ZHANG Baogang, DING Naixiu, LIU Guangye
  • Effect of Type and Amount of Carbon Black on Properties of Magnetic NBR Compounds
  • 2023 Vol. 70(2): 0111-0117[Abstract](119)[PDF](78)
  • FENG Chang, XU Peiwen, SONG Hao, SHEN Ao, XU Ke, LEI Sheng, WANG Fajun
  • Reinforcement Effect of Foundry Waste Sand Filler on NR Compound
  • 2023 Vol. 70(2): 0118-0122[Abstract](107)[PDF](78)

Product · Design

  • MA Meiqin, LIU Baoquan, YIN Ting, SHI Chengang, SUN Jianbang
  • Formula Design of Internal Elastomer Compound for Flexible Joint of Marine Transportation Pipeline
  • 2023 Vol. 70(2): 0123-0129[Abstract](90)[PDF](76)
  • Gao Xinwen, PEI Shipeng, ZHENG Lixia
  • Effect of Nanobead Silica Amount on Properties of NR Compound for Air Spring
  • 2023 Vol. 70(2): 0130-0135[Abstract](155)[PDF](86)

Technology · Equipment

  • GONG Yiqin,SHAN Tikun and WANG Chuansheng
  • Effect of Screen Filtration of Double Drive Synchronous Gear Pump Rubber Filter on Properties of SSBR/BR Blend
  • 2023 Vol. 70(2): 0136-0141[Abstract](82)[PDF](83)
  • CAI Xiaoye, CHENG Zonghui, BAI Bing
  • Lightweight Design and Manufacture of Moulds of Aerospace Rubber Bellows
  • 2023 Vol. 70(2): 0142-0147[Abstract](82)[PDF](78)

Comprehensive and Special Review

  • LIU Qinyang, ZHANG Jiaxi, LIU Guoxin, ZHANG Jichuan, LIU Li
  • Application Progress of Rubber Materials in Underwater Acoustic Field
  • 2023 Vol. 70(2): 0148-0159[Abstract](107)[PDF](81)

Special Contribution

  • HUANG Ruili, GUO Bingli, LU Xun, FANG Hong
  • Preparation of NR Type High Damping Elastomer Taking Advantage Tg Gradient
  • 2023 Vol. 70(2): 0083-0090[Abstract](79)[PDF](77)