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Main Columns:Applied Theory、Material•Compounding、Product•Design、Technology•Equipment、Testing•Analysis、Comprehensive and Special Review More》

Current Issue

Applied Theory

  • Jiang Pengfei,Xu Hongyan,Zhang Wenjing and Wen Dehao
  • Properties of Irradiation Crosslinked NBR/ECO Blend
  • 2022 Vol. 69(6): 0410-0415[Abstract](53)[HTML(3148763)][PDF](105)
  • a
  • Study on Kinetics of Phenolic Resin Dynamic Vulcanized EPDM/PP TPV
  • 2022 Vol. 69(6): 0416-0421[Abstract](77)[HTML(1764589)][PDF](34)
  • Wang Guolin and Wu Jingxuan
  • Effect of Melamine Porous Sound-absorbing Material Properties on Tire Cavity Resonance Noise
  • 2022 Vol. 69(6): 0422-0429[Abstract](91)[HTML(3650053)][PDF](27)
  • chu fu qiang and zeng fei
  • Study on Adhesion between HNBR Compound and Polyester Canvas
  • 2022 Vol. 69(6): 0430-0433[Abstract](74)[HTML(1274921)][PDF](56)

Material · Compounding

  • LIU Junle,, and
  • Study on Properties of Compound Used for Mining Light Colored Flame Retardant and Antistatic Rubber Slab
  • 2022 Vol. 69(6): 0434-0438[Abstract](38)[HTML(1696183)][PDF](21)
  • DONG YANMAO,zhongwenxin,zhouxing,lijihang and yuanyan
  • Study on Formulas and Properties of TPU/PLA Composites
  • 2022 Vol. 69(6): 0439-0444[Abstract](75)[HTML(1877324)][PDF](17)
  • NIE Wanjiang,LI Wendong,ZENG Ji,HAN Hui and YUN Xiaobi
  • Study on Formula and Properties of Agricultural Machinery Rubber Track Compound
  • 2022 Vol. 69(6): 0445-0448[Abstract](76)[HTML(1052485)][PDF](65)

Product · Design

  • GUO Yong and ZHAO Yating
  • Compound Formula Optimization and Ultimate Shear Performance Analysis of Horizontal Force Dispersion Type Rubber Bearing
  • 2022 Vol. 69(6): 0449-0454[Abstract](77)[HTML(1569384)][PDF](18)
  • WANG Chuanzhu,ZHAO Jun,LIU Limin and YIN Hongxin
  • Development of 36.00R51 Flame Retardant and Giant Off-the-road Radial Tire
  • 2022 Vol. 69(6): 0455-0458[Abstract](91)[HTML(1026660)][PDF](29)

Technology · Equipment

  • He Fangke,Hu Yuyou,DING Binxuan and Li Jian
  • Effect of Vulcanization Process Parameters on Adhesives Properties and Humidity and Heat Aging Resistance of NR Compound Shock-absorbing Bushing for Automobile
  • 2022 Vol. 69(6): 0466-0469[Abstract](63)[HTML(915789)][PDF](21)

Testing · Analysis

  • WANG Baoxing,LIU Jingping and LUO Yiwen
  • Analysis of Steel Wire Rust of Steel Wire Reinforced Hydraulic Hose
  • 2022 Vol. 69(6): 0470-0473[Abstract](65)[HTML(6978069)][PDF](64)

Gomprehensive and Special Review

  • WANG Zixuan,SONG Weixiao,LU Yonglai and ZHANG Liqun
  • Research Progress of ENR as Macromolecular Interfacial Modifier
  • 2022 Vol. 69(6): 0474-0479[Abstract](63)[HTML(4075101)][PDF](16)


Special Contribution

  • LI Sai,DUAN Pengwei,YUE Tongkui,LIU Jun and ZHANG Liqun
  • Study on Aging Mechanism of Foamed EPDM under Hot Air,High Humid Heat and Salt-fog Environment
  • 2022 Vol. 69(6): 0403-0409[Abstract](40)[HTML(2269620)][PDF](39)