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Main Columns:Applied Theory、Material•Compounding、Product•Design、Technology•Equipment、Testing•Analysis、Comprehensive and Special Review More》

Current Issue

Applied Theory

  • WANG Guo-lin,QIAO Lei,ZHOU Hai-chao,LIANG Chen and LI Guo-rui
  • Study on Noise Reduction Method of Truck and Bus Radial Tire Based on Finite Element Simulation
  • 2019 Vol. 66(4): 0243-0248[Abstract](72)[HTML()][PDF](34)
  • LI HUI,GAO YANG,Zhangjin,GUO Xiangyun and TANG Zhimin
  • Leachability of New Antioxidant N3100 in NR and Its Mechanism Study
  • 2019 Vol. 66(4): 0249-0255[Abstract](78)[HTML()][PDF](28)
  • LI Bo, GONG Hongguang, WANG Qi, ZHOU Lei, HU Haihua and GONG Guangbi
  • Study on Dynamic Compression Property of SSBR/NdBR and SSBR/NiBR Blends
  • 2019 Vol. 66(4): 0256-0259[Abstract](66)[HTML()][PDF](61)
  • CUI Yu-guo,KANG Hai-lan and FANG Qing-hong
  • Effect of Hot Acid Environment on Properties of Fluororubber
  • 2019 Vol. 66(4): 0260-0263[Abstract](83)[HTML()][PDF](25)

Material · Compounding

  • yanghuaxi,zhangjiyang,lihongxia,tianming and zouhua
  • Preparation and Properties of Graphene/MVQ Conductive Composite
  • 2019 Vol. 66(4): 0264-0269[Abstract](66)[HTML()][PDF](24)
  • ZHANG Yuefa,SHAO Huafeng,WANG Riguo and He Aihua
  • Properties of Silica Reinforced NR/TBIR Blends
  • 2019 Vol. 66(4): 0270-0274[Abstract](62)[HTML()][PDF](60)
  • shichengwang,sunshuquan,zhangjiyang and zouhua
  • Preparation and Performance of BR/SBR Foaming Materials
  • 2019 Vol. 66(4): 0275-0279[Abstract](61)[HTML()][PDF](47)
  • ZHANG Gui-mei,JIANG Shi-kuan,YAN Li,XU Rong and ZOU Jian-yun
  • Properties of Different Constant Viscosity NR with Low Viscosity
  • 2019 Vol. 66(4): 0280-0283[Abstract](66)[HTML()][PDF](48)
  • zhoushizhang,liuli,hushui and wenshipeng
  • Properties of LDHs/ENR/SBR Gas Barrier Composites
  • 2019 Vol. 66(4): 0284-0287[Abstract](67)[HTML()][PDF](62)

Product · Design

  • FU Ping, DING Zhongjun, SU Xiaofeng, LI Dewei and LI Zhengguang
  • Finite Element Analysis of Seal Ring of Deep Sea Motor by Workbenchch
  • 2019 Vol. 66(4): 0288-0291[Abstract](62)[HTML()][PDF](57)
  • DUAN Wenwen,ZHAO Huaqiang,YU Yao,WANG Yuekun,WANG Hongzhen and XIN Zhenxing
  • Application of Constant Viscosity NR Cup Lump in Base Rubber of V-Belt
  • 2019 Vol. 66(4): 0292-0296[Abstract](74)[HTML()][PDF](86)

Technology · Equipment

  • Lin Guang-yi,Kong Ling-wei,Wang Quan-jie,Wang Xiang,Jing Yuan and Zhu Lian-chao
  • Influence of Mill Runs during Plasticizing on Plasticity and Physical Properties of NR Produced in China and Thailand
  • 2019 Vol. 66(4): 0297-0303[Abstract](71)[HTML()][PDF](83)
  • huhaiming and wangshasha
  • Analysis of Stiffness and Fatigue Life of Top Cover of Truck and Bus Tire Mold
  • 2019 Vol. 66(4): 0307-0310[Abstract](34)[HTML()][PDF](52)

Testing · Analysis

Gomprehensive and Special Review