"China Rubber Industry" is a professional and authoritative journal in the rubber industry superintended by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and sponsored by Beijing Research and Design Institute of Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. It was founded in 1953 and mainly reports the development direction, scientific research results, product development, production experience and market information of rubber industry.


The main columns set up are as follows:

1. Special Contribution: This column invites famous experts and scholars in rubber field to write articles on hot topics in rubber industry.

2. Applied Theory: This column publishes the theoretical research related to the rubber industry, including but not limited to the structure and performance of various types of rubber, product performance improvement research based on finite element simulation, and rubber material modification research, etc.

3. Materials·Compounding: This column publishes the content related to rubber materials, including rubber and other polymers, skeleton materials, rubber additives, reinforcing materials and compounding.

4. Product·Design: This column publishes the articles related to the design and manufacture of rubber products, including but not limited to tires, hoses and sealing products, etc.

5. Technology·Equipment: This column includes the process equipment technology in the manufacturing process of rubber products.

6. Testing·Analysis: This column includes test and analysis methods of raw materials, manufacturing process and finished products for rubber products.

7. Comprehensive and Special Review: This column includes the development trend and strategy analysis of the rubber industry, simulation and simulation technology application research, green recycling technology research and application, tire analysis and evaluation, and supporting tire technical requirements, etc.



1. The content of the paper should be in line with the content published in the journal, preferably with 5000~8000 Chinese characters.

2. The title of the paper should generally be within 20 Chinese characters and should be concise and precise; the abbreviations in the title should be standardized. The title should correspond in both Chinese and English.

3. The author's employer, city and zip code must be indicated in the paper, and both Chinese and English are required.

4. The footnotes in the paper should be marked, The first author's birth year, gender, native place, degree (acquired), job title and research direction; The name of the fund project and the approval number.

5. The abstract requires more than 200 words, and both Chinese and English are required. The content should include: purpose, methods, results and conclusions.

6.List the keywords (4~8) and the classification number of the Chinese Library;

Keywords should be selected words or phrases that can reflect the content of the thesis;

Chinese and English keywords should be one-to-one correspondence, and English keywords should be in noun form.

7. The foreword should provide sufficient research background information concisely and accurately, point out the deficiencies in the current research, introduce the research theme and innovation of this thesis, and do not repeat the abstract and conclusion.

8. The results or conclusions should be clear and precise, and some key data can be cited.

9. References:

Preferably no less than 15 articles, more than 50% are published in recently 5 years, and more than 60% are in foreign languages;

The references should be indicated in the text, and the order of the references after the text should be the same as the order of appearance in the text.




Manuscript acceptance and peer review standards


1. Integrity requirements of manuscripts: This journal only publishes the manuscript that has not been published before. It is strictly forbidden to submit the same manuscript to more than one journal, to multiply submit of duplicate content (including separate submissions in different languages) and to plagiarize others' papers. If the manuscript involves confidential matters, the author is solely responsible.

2. Authorship requirements: Authors should be limited to those who have made significant contributors to the conception, design, implementation, or interpretation of the manuscript research. It is strictly forbidden to sign by persons irrelevant to the paper.

3. Academic misconduct detection: The editorial department ensures that each manuscript is tested for academic misconduct, and reject the manuscript which text reproduction ratio exceeds 20%.

4. Peer review: Each manuscript is submitted to relevant experts for single blind peer review according to the column. The experts will comprehensively evaluate the manuscript from the aspects of scientificity, innovation and guidance, and give objective review results and modification suggestions. For the manuscripts that pass the examination, the editorial department will send the acceptance notice to the author, and inform the author of the peer review results within 15 working days after receiving the manuscripts. The peer review form is shown in the annex.




"China Rubber Industry" Peer Review Form



Manuscript number


Date of submission


Completion date




Author's employer


Evaluation of the manuscript

(1) Topic

○Frontier topic   ○Hot topic   ○General topic     ○Obsolete topic

(2) Academic level

○International  ○Domestic leading  ○Average      ○Low

(3) Innovation

○Theory       ○Application       ○Partial       ○None

(4) Rigorous analysis

○Excellent        ○Good        ○Average       ○Bad

(5) Guidance

○Excellent        ○Good        ○Average       ○Bad

(6)Manuscript  structure

○Excellent   Need adjustment   Need a lot of adjustment   ○Bad

(7) Language expression

○Excellent   Need adjustment   Need a lot of adjustment   ○Bad

(8) Recommendation

Accept            Revise and resubmit          Reject

Specific suggestions and modification comments

(Please give specific comments. The comments may include the topic, exposition and the quality of writing, etc. of the article. The comments on revision may involve the abstract, key words, text and references of the article. If there is any lack of expression or error, please mark it in the original manuscript.)

Name of reviewer


Phone number


ID Number






Postal code





Instruction for Authors


1. Authors and Authors responsibilities

No fees are required for manuscript processing. Once the article is accepted, authors should pay the publication fee.

All authors have significantly contributed to the research.

All authors are obliged to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes.

List of references and financial support should be provided.

Forbidden to publish same research in more than one journal.


2. Peer-review process

Manuscripts submitted for publication in China Rubber Industry are subjected to single blind peer-review.

Reviewer’s judgments should be objective and have no conflict of interests.

Manuscripts under review should be treated confidentially.


4. You can find all the journal’s articles at or



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