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Organizers:China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Contractor:Beijing Research & Design Institute of Rubber Industry

Started Publication:1981

"Tire Industry" journal was founded in 1981, CN 11-3478/TQ. She is the authority of science and technology journal(monthly) in tire industry with all... More》

Current Issue


  • ZHU Zhen-hua, JIN Ji-dian, TIAN Ying, ZHANG Min, WANG Jian-zhong and CHEN Hong
  • Study on Tire Pitch Noise and It
  • 2020 Vol. 40(10): 0579-0583[Abstract](60)[HTML(1382365)][PDF](22)

Special and Comprehensive Review

Structure Design

  • YU Benyi,XING Cheng and CAI Yingying
  • Structure Optimizing Design to Improve Aging Durability of Light Truck and Bus Radial Tire
  • 2020 Vol. 40(10): 0588-0592[Abstract](41)[HTML(1449345)][PDF](14)
  • zhengtao,CHEN Qiang,KONG Dongdong and QIN Yiru
  • Design on 225/40R18 All-season Low Profile Steel-belted Radial Tire
  • 2020 Vol. 40(10): 0593-0596[Abstract](36)[HTML(1098953)][PDF](8)


  • Study on Vulcanization System of Sidewall Compound of Truck and Bus Radial Tire
  • 2020 Vol. 40(10): 0600-0603[Abstract](38)[HTML(983752)][PDF](10)
  • yao fang
  • Optimum Formulation Design of Polyester Cord Carcass ply Compound for Light Truck Tire
  • 2020 Vol. 40(10): 0604-0606[Abstract](33)[HTML(949812)][PDF](5)
  • NI Zifei and SHENG Rongsheng
  • Development of 3×0.22/9×0.20CCUMT Steel Cord
  • 2020 Vol. 40(10): 0607-0610[Abstract](25)[HTML(1498969)][PDF](3)

Technology · Equipment

  • Dong Xingwang,Zhang Xiaofei,Ren Fujun and Ye Liqing
  • Effect of Mixing Process on Residual Antioxidant RD and Properties of Compound
  • 2020 Vol. 40(10): 0614-0617[Abstract](36)[HTML(1059383)][PDF](8)
  • CONG Minghui,LV Dandan,LIN Ke,ZHOU Pengcheng and DONG Lingbo
  • The effects of curing temperature and degree on the tread compound of TBR tire
  • 2020 Vol. 40(10): 0618-0621[Abstract](27)[HTML(1231879)][PDF](9)
  • zhangzhijian,zhangchao,xuxiangyue and wangjizheng
  • Causes Analysis of Bubbles in Inner Liner of Truck and Bus Radial Tire and Corrective Actions
  • 2020 Vol. 40(10): 0626-0629[Abstract](29)[HTML(1599492)][PDF](15)


  • JIANG Hongxu and wanghaiyan
  • Study on Objective Evaluation System of Whole Vehicle Handling Performance Simulation
  • 2020 Vol. 40(10): 0630-0634[Abstract](25)[HTML(1931742)][PDF]()
  • Li Guanlun,Gu Yinchu,Jiang Nan and Yuan Xiaoguang
  • Research on Tire Piercing Process and Its Anti-piercing Performance Improvement
  • 2020 Vol. 40(10): 0635-0638[Abstract](28)[HTML(1285586)][PDF](9)

Domestic and Foreign News

Patent Introduction