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Organizers:China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Contractor:Beijing Research & Design Institute of Rubber Industry

Started Publication:1981

"Tire Industry" journal was founded in 1981, CN 11-3478/TQ. She is the authority of science and technology journal(monthly) in tire industry with all... More》

Current Issue

Special and Comprehensive Review

  • LENG Dexin,LUO Xu,WANG Fangcheng and MENG Xianglong
  • Effect of Non-structural Factors on Modal Characteristics of Steel-belted Radial Tire
  • 2022 Vol. 42(6): 0328-0331[Abstract](140)[HTML(2571857)][PDF](25)
  • CHENG Li’na,zhangmin,lihua,wudongxia,wuyuexian and yangxu
  • A Calculate Method for Tire Moment of Inertia Based on CATIA
  • 2022 Vol. 42(6): 0332-0334[Abstract](136)[HTML(995405)][PDF](45)

Structure Design

  • a,a,a,a,a,a,a,a and a
  • Design of ST205/75R15 8PR Trailer Tire
  • 2022 Vol. 42(6): 0335-0338[Abstract](140)[HTML(1200279)][PDF](40)
  • Cai Xizhou,Liu Xin,Yang Hetao and Song Li
  • Design on 225/95R16C 118/116S Steel-belted Light Truck and Bus Radial Tire
  • 2022 Vol. 42(6): 0339-0341[Abstract](139)[HTML(843630)][PDF](33)


  • ZHANG Qingbin,AN Lu,FU Youbin,SHAO Lu and WANG Hong
  • Application of Multiphase Carbon Black G10 in Tread Compound of Steel-belted Tire
  • 2022 Vol. 42(6): 0342-0346[Abstract](136)[HTML(3154032)][PDF](76)
  • SU Zhong-tie,HUANG Xian-hong,LYU Zhi-wen,Lu Yi-ming,CHEN Jia-hui and HAN Qi-long
  • Application of Silicon Lattice Powder in Base Compound of All-steel Radial Tire
  • 2022 Vol. 42(6): 0347-0350[Abstract](142)[HTML(854316)][PDF](32)
  • madelong,liyunfeng,zhaohongxia and cuitingting
  • Application of Protective Wax in Sidewall Compound of Tire
  • 2022 Vol. 42(6): 0351-0356[Abstract](141)[HTML(11225232)][PDF](36)
  • LIU Wanxing,LIU Xiuzheng,YANG Yanbin,WANG Baolei and LIU Dong
  • Application of New Environmental Friendly Diphenyl Disulfide Metal Plasticizer in Tread Compound of Agricultural Radial Tire
  • 2022 Vol. 42(6): 0357-0360[Abstract](46)[HTML(3916444)][PDF](60)
  • a,,, and
  • Application of New Steel Cords in Lightweight Design of All-steel Light Truck and Bus Radial Tire
  • 2022 Vol. 42(6): 0361-0365[Abstract](152)[HTML(3497813)][PDF](37)

Technology · Equipment

  • wuhuizhong and ZHANG Bin
  • Research on Intelligent Control of Four Roll Calendering Production Line for Steel Cord
  • 2022 Vol. 42(6): 0366-0368[Abstract](55)[HTML(859120)][PDF](28)
  • CHU KUNLONG,ZHOU Junlan,LYU Wei,SUN Zongtao and ZHANG Yanjun
  • Cause Analysis of Bead Bubble of Truck and Bus Radial Tire and Corrective Actions
  • 2022 Vol. 42(6): 0369-0372[Abstract](149)[HTML(4394606)][PDF](45)


  • SHEN Yuanmei,CHEN Xufei,LIU Yufeng,WANG Zhen and SHAN Yuguang
  • Uncertainty Evaluation of Tensile Properties Testing of Steel Cord
  • 2022 Vol. 42(6): 0373-0378[Abstract](128)[HTML(1211634)][PDF](33)
  • JIA Airui,ZHANG Lijie,WANG Huimin,LU Yuan,CHEN Xuemei and WANG Feng
  • Composition Analysis and Plasticizing Effect Evaluation of Environmental-Friendly Plasticizer DBD
  • 2022 Vol. 42(6): 0379-0383[Abstract](135)[HTML(1517498)][PDF](39)

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