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Organizers:China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Contractor:Beijing Research & Design Institute of Rubber Industry

Started Publication:1981

"Tire Industry" journal was founded in 1981, CN 11-3478/TQ. She is the authority of science and technology journal(monthly) in tire industry with all... More》

Current Issue

Special and Comprehensive Review

  • LONG juan and HUANG Chi-qiang
  • The parametric design of tire based on CATIA
  • 2019 Vol. 39(4): 0199-0202[Abstract](87)[HTML(1553867)][PDF](71)

Structure Design

  • peiquanhua,wangzhiping,heyue and xiehongjie
  • Design on 16.00R25 All-steel Off-The-Road Radial Tire for Straddle Carrier
  • 2019 Vol. 39(4): 0203-0206[Abstract](55)[HTML(1706644)][PDF](69)
  • luozhe,renshiduo and wangzhiyong
  • Footprint Improvement of 255/70R22.5 16PR All-steel Radial Tire
  • 2019 Vol. 39(4): 0207-0209[Abstract](64)[HTML(1447043)][PDF](79)
  • chenchuanhui
  • Design on 19.5LR24 IND Tubeless Agriculture Radial Tire
  • 2019 Vol. 39(4): 0210-0213[Abstract](220)[HTML(938305)][PDF](55)


  • Wangjiangong,huangyigang,WANG Jing,WANG Yue,zhangjing and LI Zhipeng
  • Application of Pyrolytic Carbon Black from Waste Tires in Tread Compound of Steel-belted Radial Tire
  • 2019 Vol. 39(4): 0214-0217[Abstract](58)[HTML(955534)][PDF](68)
  • CHEN Sheng,XING Wei-yun,WANG Dan-ling,CHENG Qi-ming and REN Fu-jun
  • Application of Silane Coupling Agent Si747/OTES Blend System in Silica Compound
  • 2019 Vol. 39(4): 0218-0222[Abstract](57)[HTML(1289175)][PDF](92)
  • dongxiuling,liuhua,jiangzaisheng,sunbaoxing and wanghui
  • Development of Matching Tread Compound Formula of Mine Off-The-Road Tire
  • 2019 Vol. 39(4): 0223-0225[Abstract](58)[HTML(878883)][PDF](48)
  • yangjinghui,Siegfried Ratzeburg,chenhu,lihaiping and miaoweifeng
  • Application of 1+5×0.20UT Steel Cord in Carcass of All Steel PCR Tire
  • 2019 Vol. 39(4): 0226-0229[Abstract](76)[HTML(1501174)][PDF](60)

Technology · Equipment

  • ZHAO Chengzhong,ZHANG Kun,ZHOU Hao,QIAO GuangMei and PAN Hongyan
  • Study on Influence Factors for Conicity Effect of Truck and Bus Radial Tire
  • 2019 Vol. 39(4): 0230-0234[Abstract](57)[HTML(835175)][PDF](78)


  • Bian Guolong,Li Yong,Qi Shunqing,Wang Yanju,Yu Shenghong and Song Meiqin
  • Defect Detection of Tire X Ray Image Based on Convolutional Neural Network
  • 2019 Vol. 39(4): 0247-0251[Abstract](28)[HTML(1592598)][PDF](134)

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Domestic and Foreign News

Patent Introduction