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Organizers:China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Contractor:Beijing Research & Design Institute of Rubber Industry

Started Publication:1981

"Tire Industry" journal was founded in 1981, CN 11-3478/TQ. She is the authority of science and technology journal(monthly) in tire industry with all... More》

Current Issue

Special and Comprehensive Review

  • 史一锋
  • Current Overall Develepment Status and Outlook of National Tire Industry
  • 2024 Vol. 44(6): 0323-0329[Abstract](19)[HTML(950675)][PDF](12)
  • GUO Yongfang,QU Anye,XIA Xiaokun,XIE Shiqiang,YIN Haijian and LIU Yunqi
  • Simulation Study on Durability of Steel Reinforcement Layer at Bead Area of Off-The-Road Radial Tire
  • 2024 Vol. 44(6): 0330-0333[Abstract](21)[HTML(2843115)][PDF](13)

Structure Design

  • FAN Xiaoli,WANG Bing,CHEN Shuijin and DU Chuanyong
  • Design on 195/55R20 Passenger Car Radial Tire
  • 2024 Vol. 44(6): 0334-0337[Abstract](19)[HTML(1061713)][PDF](10)
  • Design on 255/65R17 HT2 PLUS Crossover Tire
  • 2024 Vol. 44(6): 0338-0341[Abstract](17)[HTML(2218151)][PDF](12)
  • PAN Guohui,LI Kuiguan,Zhang Yanlong,Meng Qingwei and Yong Zhanfu
  • Design on 18.00R25 Off-The-Road Tire Specialized for Mining Wide Body Dumping Truck
  • 2024 Vol. 44(6): 0342-0345[Abstract](16)[HTML(1354838)][PDF](11)
  • CAI Yingying
  • Structural Design of Tire with Apex Cushion Compound and Reinforcement Compound
  • 2024 Vol. 44(6): 0346-0349[Abstract](16)[HTML(980526)][PDF](13)


  • CHEN Yaokun,ZHU Zhipeng,MO Weiyou,MA Yuyao,DING Minghong and SHI Daquan
  • Application of Liquid Polybutadienes in Sidewall of All-steel
  • 2024 Vol. 44(6): 0350-0352[Abstract](575)[HTML(808988)][PDF](604)
  • LI Wei,ZHAO Guangfang,JIA Jinyi and ZHOU Zhongwei
  • Application of New Silane Coupling Agent IMLV in Silica Filled Tread Compound
  • 2024 Vol. 44(6): 0353-0357[Abstract](14)[HTML(1443348)][PDF](10)
  • zhangjiaqiang
  • Application of Different Antioxidants in Tire Sidewall Compound
  • 2024 Vol. 44(6): 0358-0361[Abstract](14)[HTML(1202650)][PDF](10)
  • YAO Haidong and YANG Ye
  • Development and Performance Research of 1×1 Steel Cord
  • 2024 Vol. 44(6): 0362-0366[Abstract](16)[HTML(886800)][PDF](9)
  • zhaoyuna,李,Zhang Baoliang,Xiong Yao,Zhao Xiang and Wang Han
  • Application of 2+7×0.30ST Steel Cord in 12R22.5 18PR Tubeless Radial Tire
  • 2024 Vol. 44(6): 0367-0369[Abstract](16)[HTML(2802467)][PDF](4)

Technology · Equipment

  • LI Guangting,LI Ming,LIU Yong,WANG Sanni,ZHAO Shuxia and GOU Zengliang
  • Cause Analysis and Corresponding Solution for Four Pads Extrusion Process Problems of All-steel Truck and Bus Radial Tire
  • 2024 Vol. 44(6): 0370-0372[Abstract](17)[HTML(1478221)][PDF](11)
  • ZHANG Yanlong,WANG Xuegang,LI Kuiguan,Ren Peihua and Wang Hui
  • Analysis of Failure Causes and Correct Selection of Tires for Wide Body Dumping Trucks
  • 2024 Vol. 44(6): 0373-0379[Abstract](15)[HTML(2537715)][PDF](12)


  • ZHANG Weiwei,ZHANG Yongfeng and SUN Shiyue
  • Research on Footprint Simulation Accuracy Improvement of All-steel Radial Tire Based on Belt Model
  • 2024 Vol. 44(6): 0380-0384[Abstract](17)[HTML(1955932)][PDF](16)

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