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Organizers:China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Contractor:Beijing Research & Design Institute of Rubber Industry

Started Publication:1981

"Tire Industry" journal was founded in 1981, CN 11-3478/TQ. She is the authority of science and technology journal(monthly) in tire industry with all... More》

Current Issue


  • shiyifeng
  • The Operation Status and Outlook of National Tire Industry In First Half of 2023
  • 2023 Vol. 43(10): 0579-0586[Abstract](25)[HTML(950267)][PDF](24)

Special and Comprehensive Review

  • WANG Zhiyong,CHE Mingming and XIA Tianxiang
  • Big Data System Creation based on Tire Load and Inflation Pressure
  • 2023 Vol. 43(10): 0587-0589[Abstract](25)[HTML(1479373)][PDF](21)

Structure Design

  • sunbaoyu,Sun Jiaia and Lu Qiang
  • Effect of Bead Width at Rim Seat on Performance of 7.00R16LT All-steel Light Truck and Bus Radial Tire
  • 2023 Vol. 43(10): 0590-0593[Abstract](26)[HTML(5772995)][PDF](20)
  • XU Qin and ZHANG Ying
  • Development of Low Shoulder Crown Ratio 12R22.5 Tubeless
  • 2023 Vol. 43(10): 0594-0597[Abstract](24)[HTML(2258484)][PDF](19)
  • ZHANG Yanlong,WANG Xuegang,YUE Zhen,LIU Benxin and YIN Haijian
  • Design on 445/95R25 Tubeless All-steel Off-The-Road Radial Tire for All-Terrain Crane
  • 2023 Vol. 43(10): 0598-0602[Abstract](26)[HTML(1283150)][PDF](24)


  • jiajinyi,Liupeng and Ding Quanyong
  • Application of Carbon Nanotubes in High Thermal Conductivity Curing Bladder for Passenger Car Tire
  • 2023 Vol. 43(10): 0603-0606[Abstract](22)[HTML(744970)][PDF](19)
  • sunbin,fuxiucheng,wangjingzhen,xuzhengrun,yongzhanfu and zhangzhenxiu
  • Application of Several Adhesion Promoters in All-steel Radial Tire
  • 2023 Vol. 43(10): 0607-0610[Abstract](25)[HTML(809613)][PDF](25)
  • ZHOU Baozhen,LIU Feng,JIN Xueyun,LIU Zhongwei,DING Cuiliu,GAO Ting and SUN Xuejie
  • Application of Low Rolling Resistance Modifier YG-G300 in Bead Compound of Aircraft Tire
  • 2023 Vol. 43(10): 0611-0614[Abstract](25)[HTML(1114938)][PDF](22)
  • liyi,zhangpeng,zhengbin,zhangchao,zhengmaosen,chenhongtao and wangmign
  • Application of 3+8×0. 21ST Steel Cord in Bead Chafer of Truck and Bus Radial Tire
  • 2023 Vol. 43(10): 0615-0618[Abstract](22)[HTML(1614364)][PDF](15)

Technology · Equipment

  • XU De-peng,qinyi and chenshanjiao
  • Energy-saving Application of Steam in Vulcanization Workshop
  • 2023 Vol. 43(10): 0619-0622[Abstract](26)[HTML(23934003)][PDF](17)
  • zhangchao,shaoxianxing,wanghao,chenhongtao,liyi and sunkai
  • Cause Analysis of Steel Cord Stiffening in Carcass of Truck and Bus Radial Tire after Building Inflation and Corrective Actions
  • 2023 Vol. 43(10): 0623-0627[Abstract](28)[HTML(3020317)][PDF](20)


  • JIANG Xiaofeng,LIU Quanlai,LU Fumei,HAN Jun,WANG Xiaolong and XU Qijun
  • Effect of Equilibrium Condition on Property Test Results of Bio-base Polyamide 56 Dipped Cord
  • 2023 Vol. 43(10): 0628-0633[Abstract](19)[HTML(1350954)][PDF](17)
  • An Shuang,WU Jian,Li Yanbin,SU Benlong and WANG Youshan
  • Thermal-mechanical Coupling Simulation of Aircraft Tire under Different Slip Conditions
  • 2023 Vol. 43(10): 0634-0638[Abstract](22)[HTML(1744745)][PDF](17)

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