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ParentUnit:China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Unit:Beijing Research and Design Institute of Rubber Industry,National Information Station of Rubber Industry


Rubber Science and Technology(formerly named Rubber Technology and Market),a famous technology magazine (monthly)in china,was founded in 2003(CN 10-11... More》

Current Issue

Progress Review

  • ZHU Xiao and XU Lihong
  • Analysis on Revision of Tire Specification Standard and Its Effect on Automobile Product Design
  • 2019 Vol. 17(8): 0425-0428[Abstract]()[HTML()][PDF]()

Theory Research

  • LIU ChangBo,WANG ZhiYong,LUO Zhe,YU GuoHong,DENG Tao and HE XiaoMei
  • Minimum Safe Inflating pressure for Run-Flat Tire
  • 2019 Vol. 17(8): 0435-0438[Abstract](2)[HTML()][PDF]()


  • zhangqinghong,xinlihong,qianwenjiao and zhanzhengyun
  • Development of Light Colored High Performance HNBR Sealing Material
  • 2019 Vol. 17(8): 0458-0461[Abstract]()[HTML()][PDF]()
  • Xiang Yu,Wu Jun,Zhang Xiaohui and Bao Zhiqiang
  • Application of Carbon Nanotubes in Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Sealing Products
  • 2019 Vol. 17(8): 0462-0466[Abstract]()[HTML()][PDF]()
  • NIHaichao,CHEN Jianjun and XUE Binbin
  • Application of Environmental Friendly Phenolic Resin ALNOVOL PN760 in Belt Compound of Truck and Bus Radial Tire
  • 2019 Vol. 17(8): 0467-0471[Abstract](1)[HTML()][PDF](1)
  • Gao Xuan,Gu Zhengyu and Shen Xumeng
  • Application of AK-1 Environmentally Friendly Zinc Oxide in Conveyor Belt Cover
  • 2019 Vol. 17(8): 0472-0474[Abstract](2)[HTML()][PDF]()

Production Technology

  • zhanghongsheng
  • Development and Application of Fuel Dispenser Hose with Low Permeability
  • 2019 Vol. 17(8): 0439-0442[Abstract](1)[HTML()][PDF]()
  • LI Zhangxue
  • Analysis of Blistering Reasons and Control Technology of Hot Air Cured Silicone Rubber Cable
  • 2019 Vol. 17(8): 0443-0446[Abstract](3)[HTML()][PDF]()
  • Fan Ningning
  • Design on 12.00R20 20PR Truck and Bus Radial Tire for Short and Medium Distance
  • 2019 Vol. 17(8): 0455-0457[Abstract](3)[HTML()][PDF]()