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ParentUnit:China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Unit:Beijing Research and Design Institute of Rubber Industry,National Information Station of Rubber Industry


Rubber Science and Technology(formerly named Rubber Technology and Market),a famous technology magazine (monthly)in china,was founded in 2003(CN 10-11... More》

Current Issue

Progress Review

  • ZUO Xiujuan,PAN Linlin,XIA Yu,WEI Qiang,GUO Benkai and ZHANG Fuchao
  • Treatment Process and Research Progress of Rubber Additive Production Wastewater with High Salt Content and High Chemical Oxygen Demand
  • 2023 Vol. 21(9): 421-425[Abstract](70)[HTML(849769)][PDF](51)

Theory Research

  • XI Yan,LIU Jingjing,ZHANG Kaikai,WANG Longqing and ZHAO Mingming
  • Study on Drainage Characteristics of Tire Longitudinal Grooves Based on FEM
  • 2023 Vol. 21(9): 426-429[Abstract](70)[HTML(1520576)][PDF](41)


  • LI Chao,DONG Lingbo,CONG Minghui,ZHOU Pengcheng and XU Haini
  • Application of Super Zinc Activator AK-1 in Tread Compound of All-steel Truck and Bus Radial Tire
  • 2023 Vol. 21(9): 430-433[Abstract](65)[HTML(1067638)][PDF](42)
  • JIN Yulong,NING Zhenwei,XIANG Chan and MA Hao
  • Application of Carbon Black N339 in Tread Compound of All-steel Truck and Bus Radial Tire
  • 2023 Vol. 21(9): 434-437[Abstract](70)[HTML(925418)][PDF](45)
  • ZHANG Baoliang,ZHAO Xiang,ZHAO Yuna,xingzhengtao,YANG meng and GAO Tongshun
  • Application of 3+8×0.33ST Steel Sord in Belt of Tubeless Truck and Bus Radial Tire
  • 2023 Vol. 21(9): 438-440[Abstract](61)[HTML(1255585)][PDF](42)
  • TANG Fan and NIE Weiyun
  • Study on Preparation and Properties of NR/EVA/HDPE Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
  • 2023 Vol. 21(9): 441-443[Abstract](63)[HTML(909700)][PDF](36)

Production Technology

  • ZHANG Yong, WANG Jun, HAO Pengcheng, SUN Xiaoming, WANG Mingjie, MA Yonglu
  • Discussion on Main Points and Key Technologies for Tire Matching
  • 2023 Vol. 21(9): 444-452[Abstract](85)[HTML(1423235)][PDF](59)
  • ZHANG Yang,ZHANG Song,ZHU Guoxu and ZHANG Huaimeng
  • Process and Application of Solvent Refining Accelerator MBT
  • 2023 Vol. 21(9): 453-456[Abstract](62)[HTML(807415)][PDF](46)
  • LIN Yinxiang,YAO Fengzhuan and JIANG Tingting
  • Cause Analysis and Improvement Measures for Cord Bending at Shoulder of All-steel Radial Tire
  • 2023 Vol. 21(9): 457-459[Abstract](68)[HTML(1415833)][PDF](51)
  • KONG Yankun
  • Design of 460/85R38 Marshland Paddy Field Agricultural Radial Tire
  • 2023 Vol. 21(9): 460-463[Abstract](62)[HTML(981196)][PDF](45)