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ParentUnit:China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Unit:Beijing Research and Design Institute of Rubber Industry,National Information Station of Rubber Industry


Rubber Science and Technology(formerly named Rubber Technology and Market),a famous technology magazine (monthly)in china,was founded in 2003(CN 10-11... More》

Current Issue

Progress Review

  • FU Quan
  • Research Progress on Green Production Technology of Accelerator
  • 2022 Vol. 20(6): 0265-0272[Abstract](46)[HTML(908609)][PDF](13)

Theory Research

  • Li Min,Zhang Ronghua,Zhu Zhongqi,Zhu Yanjin,Yang Chun and Luo Jianyu
  • Study on Preparation and Property of TiO2/NR Nanocomposite
  • 2022 Vol. 20(6): 0273-0276[Abstract](46)[HTML(1281600)][PDF](14)


  • SUN Gang and PAN Dongjun
  • Study on High Dimension Stable Type High Modulus and Low Shrinkage Dipped Polyester Cord
  • 2022 Vol. 20(6): 0277-0279[Abstract](40)[HTML(1181047)][PDF](12)
  • lanli,iabin,Zhang Kaikai,Wang longqing,zhangcanke,limenglong and suojiacheng
  • Influence of Blended Materials Crown Belt on Performance of Passenger Car Tire
  • 2022 Vol. 20(6): 0280-0283[Abstract](40)[HTML(1152896)][PDF](17)
  • QIAN Haohai,YAO Bin and PENG Junbiao
  • Application of Monohydrazide in Tread Compound of High Performance Tire
  • 2022 Vol. 20(6): 0284-0288[Abstract](23)[HTML(1565357)][PDF](13)

Production Technology

  • ZHANG Zhijian,ZHANG Chao,HONG Jian and XU Xiangyue
  • Quality Control of Tire Bead Sticking
  • 2022 Vol. 20(6): 0289-0292[Abstract](50)[HTML(1547724)][PDF](37)
  • sun zhong chao,chen li qiang,QIU Changqing,ZHANG Jianli and DU Yuanhua
  • Process Optimization on Dorsal Filament Problem of 3+9+15×0.225ST Steel Cord
  • 2022 Vol. 20(6): 0293-0295[Abstract](45)[HTML(780269)][PDF](15)


  • YANG Zhaojin and
  • Determination of Specific Surface Area of Carbon Black by Low Temperature Nitrogen Adsorption Method
  • 2022 Vol. 20(6): 0300-0303[Abstract](41)[HTML(1213920)][PDF](11)
  • 吴爱芹,Li Xixin,chenwensen and liushijie
  • Test Method Development of Static Contact Pressure between Rubber Wheel and Road in Laboratory Friction and Wear Test
  • 2022 Vol. 20(6): 0304-0308[Abstract](42)[HTML(1496254)][PDF](12)

Machinery Molds

  • Installation,Commissioning and Maintenance of Tire Building Machine
  • 2022 Vol. 20(6): 0296-0299[Abstract](45)[HTML(923073)][PDF](13)