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ParentUnit:China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Unit:Beijing Research and Design Institute of Rubber Industry,National Information Station of Rubber Industry


Rubber Science and Technology(formerly named Rubber Technology and Market),a famous technology magazine (monthly)in china,was founded in 2003(CN 10-11... More》

Current Issue


Progress Review

  • WANG Haijun
  • Study on Metal Frame for Automobile Rubber Sealing Strip
  • 2023 Vol. 21(2): 0057-0060[Abstract](216)[HTML(1816275)][PDF](101)

Theory Research

  • LU Yunjiang and HUANG Jing
  • Simulation and Comparison of Static Sealing Performance between O-ring and Rectangular Ring
  • 2023 Vol. 21(2): 0061-0068[Abstract](251)[HTML(6582346)][PDF](135)


  • LI Zaiqin,LI Anqing,DING Xiang and lIU Qianjin
  • Research on Application of Different Types of Carbon Black in Tread Compound of All-steel Truck and Bus Radial Tire
  • 2023 Vol. 21(2): 0069-0073[Abstract](270)[HTML(1420998)][PDF](108)
  • CHEN Song,LI Hongwei,LAN Jinhua and LIU Huaqiao
  • Application of Two Kinds of SSBR in Tire Tread Compound
  • 2023 Vol. 21(2): 0074-0078[Abstract](279)[HTML(1322200)][PDF](116)

Production Technology

  • Sun Hongxi,Zhang yuquan and Wu Yueyang
  • Tire Lifecycle Management Driven By Big Data Technology
  • 2023 Vol. 21(2): 0079-0083[Abstract](243)[HTML(1305938)][PDF](157)
  • Li Huimin,LIU Baotao,ZHANG Kaikai and Wang Longqing
  • Influence of Crown Strip Winding Method on Tire Performance
  • 2023 Vol. 21(2): 0084-0089[Abstract](277)[HTML(2760046)][PDF](122)
  • ZHAO Kaikai,DU Xuejun,LI Zhenxing and WANG Yanli
  • Study on Synthesis Process of Di-o-tolylthiourea
  • 2023 Vol. 21(2): 0090-0093[Abstract](243)[HTML(939538)][PDF](98)


  • GUAN Shengxin,ZHOU Tao and DING Junjie
  • Study on Influencing Factors of Tire Force Transfer Rate Test
  • 2023 Vol. 21(2): 0094-0097[Abstract](126)[HTML(4665844)][PDF](100)